Top 10 Shopify Review Apps for Your E-Commerce in 2024

Top 10 Shopify Review Apps for Your E-Commerce in 2024

Top Shopify review apps like Yopto, Loox & Growave help businesses collect, manage, and showcase customer reviews on Shopify store.
Top 10 Shopify Review Apps for Your E-Commerce in 2024
Ilaria Carofiglio | Head of Growth
Ilaria Carofiglio | Head of Growth
January 19, 2024

In the vast realm of e-commerce strategies, there's one big game-changer that stands as the linchpin of success – authentic product reviews

As someone running an online store with Shopify, figuring out all the different review apps can be a bit like searching for the perfect item in a huge mall in a city you've never been to. 

It's a bit overwhelming – you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, where to find it and you're not quite sure where to start. But fear not, we're here to make this process simpler and more exciting for your Shopify store.

We’ve created a definitive list of the top 10 Shopify review apps that can be crucial for your e-commerce success.

But let’s start by describing Shopify's ecosystem. Shopify is one of the biggest online shopping platforms in existence today.
Its CMS platform is trusted by more than 1.7 million sellers and 457 million buyers place an order with Shopify merchants each year.

But why is this platform so popular? 

Well, one of the main benefits is a really simple user experience (for example you can create an e-commerce website with simple “drag and drop” functionalities). But what made it really successful over the last years is the sheer availability of third-party software in its app Store

To put this into perspective, right now there are over 8500 apps on the Shopify app store that let you customize your online store as you desire.

As you can see from the graph below, the number of apps available is growing more and more every year:

The number of apps available on Shopify Appstore
The number of apps available on Shopify Appstore

And as you may know, TextYess is one of them!
Finally, you can automate WhatsApp conversation with AI to ensure a high-quality customer care to your customers. 

The Apps in the Shopify store are sorted by category and functionality. One of the main categories is “Social Proof Apps”.

If you don’t know what “Social Proof” means, we are here to help you. This concept was made popular by Robert Cialidini, one of the most relevant experts on Persuasion. The principle of social proof says so: the greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be correct.

As humans, we’re “social animals” and we will use the actions of others to decide on proper behavior for ourselves, especially when we view others as similar to ourselves. Nowadays, this principle is more important than ever: because of social media, we tend to follow other people's decisions and perspectives, especially when it comes to buying decisions.

So now you should be able to understand why the significance of genuine product feedback cannot be overstated.
One of the most untapped (and inexpensive) marketing channels in existence is “word-of-mouth”.

“Word-of-mouth marketing” happens when customers are so impressed with a brand that they share their experience with friends. Although these conversations might seem unpredictable and could sometimes go wrong—especially when customers aren't happy with a bad experience or low-quality products—there are ways you can encourage positive talk about your business.

Well, one of the most efficient methods is through Product Reviews!

Shopify App Reviews

Did you know that 95% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase?
Over half of consumers read reviews on mobile and 66% of people say they've made a purchase based on the reviews they've read.

So now you may be interested in product reviews.
But you’re still doubtful about the “why” you need it.

Picture this: a potential customer, intrigued by your product, scrolls through a cascade of positive reviews, each testimonial a testament to the reliability and quality of what you offer and of your customer service.

Especially if customers are not experts in your industry or if they are “one-time buyers”, these product reviews are crucial.

They become the “guiding light”, steering shoppers away from indecision and towards confident purchases (especially if they are also considering your competitors' products)
In a crowded e-commerce landscape, the trust established through genuine customer feedback becomes the “secret sauce” that sets your Shopify store apart.

Why Shopify App reviews are crucial

Review apps aren't just about collecting and displaying testimonials; they're about building narratives around your brand, and stories told by your customers. 

So can finally “show” and not only “tell” to your customers how great your products are.

In essence, Shopify review apps are the digital manifestation of trust-building.
They allow your customers to share their thoughts, express their satisfaction, and even showcase their experiences through visuals.
By incorporating these apps into your e-commerce strategy, you're not merely collecting reviews, you're curating a narrative that speaks volumes about the authenticity and quality of your offerings.

As we delve into the top 10 Shopify review apps, keep in mind that these aren't just tools for showcasing approval ratings.
They are strategic assets, invaluable in shaping your brand perception, boosting customer trust, and, ultimately, driving sustainable growth.

Ok, now you’re ready!

It’s time to navigate through this curated list, unlocking the full potential of Shopify review apps and propelling your online store to new levels of success.

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Top 10 Shopify App Reviews 

Here are the top 10 Shopify App reviews, according to us:  

  1. Yotpo: elevate your brand with User-Generated Content

Yotpo stands out for its main feature: adding user-generated content to your store or product pages user-generated content.

Yotpo allows you to automatically send review requests to past and future shoppers. You can easily edit the email content in the first step of the app configuration settings.

Yotpo's AI-powered review requests ensure a steady flow of authentic reviews, contributing to increased social proof.

Integration capabilities with other marketing channels make it a powerhouse for overall brand enhancement.

Its main negative aspect is that the app setup can be complicated, especially for non-technical users.

  1. Loox: supercharge your Shopify store with photo reviews

Loox “earns its spot” for specializing in highlighting your best product reviews across your store.

Its main feature is transforming your product pages with stunning customer photos, fostering a sense of community and reliability. 

It doesn’t have a free version, but it allows customizing review widgets, importing reviews from popular sources, integrating with Google Shopping, and more.

Integration with Instagram allows you to showcase these visual testimonials across social media platforms.

Loox - Shopify Review App top 10 list
Loox - Shopify Review App top 10 list

  1. harnessing the power of visual reviews

A lot of Shopify store owners emphasize for its visual review capabilities.

Basically, it is a review management software that helps you to gain deeper insights into what your customers really think and better understand how they feel about their overall shopping experience with you. allows you to gather reviews using review request emails that you can customize, it also allows you to collect reviews during checkout.
In exchange for a review, you can send your customers a discount code as a reward.

Customizable widgets and in-email forms facilitate a seamless collection of reviews, maximizing engagement.

Besides reviews, you can use the app to send a Net Promoter Score survey or for Questions and Answers.
You can also create banners with reviews and share them on social media.

Unfortunately, App UI is not embedded into your Shopify platform but runs on an external site.

  1. affordable excellence in review aggregation is arguably the most popular app for product reviews on Shopify.
It offers a free unlimited plan and a paid one with no app branding and advanced features like Google Shopping integration.

Collect and display product reviews and star ratings from a variety of sources, including imported reviews from AliExpress.

The easy-to-use interface ensures a hassle-free setup for Shopify store owners of all skill levels.

Unfortunately, reviews are not built-in into Shopify natively, and you won't find them in many themes. - Shopify Review App top 10 list - Shopify Review App top 10 list

  1. Okendo: elevate your store with premium features

Showcase all your testimonials and UGC throughout your site by using Okendo's extensive range of eye-appealing and highly customizable widgets.

Its premium features are tailored for high-growth brands, in fact, this product review app doesn't have a "Free" plan.

Advanced customization options and powerful analytics provide in-depth insights into customer sentiment and preferences.

Seamless integration with other e-commerce platforms ensures a holistic approach to customer feedback management.

Hey, congratulations, you've read half the list!

Time to finish it!

  1. Growave: the “All-in-One” solution for your Shopify store 

Growave stands out as an all-encompassing e-commerce solution.

Beyond reviews, Growave offers loyalty programs, wish lists, and social login features, creating a comprehensive customer engagement strategy.

The seamless integration of these features ensures a unified customer experience that fosters loyalty and repeat business.

Moreover, it can easily turn your Instagram feed and user-generated content into shoppable galleries and allow your customers to shop directly from Instafeed.

You can log in with just “1 click” using Facebook, Google, Line, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, and Amazon accounts, or by an email address.

Its main negative aspects are: 1) no multi language support and 2) not very simple to use.

  1. a “trustworthy help” in your Shopify store

Fera is an advanced Shopify app for collecting and showcasing customer reviews. You can sync reviews from other sources, manage how they are displayed, and create automated emails to ask for product reviews

The app is highly customizable. You can manage their content ( ex. reviews, photos, and video), widgets as well as review request emails.

You are free to ask customers for both product and store reviews.
Importing reviews can be done with Google Business, Trustpilot,, Facebook, Yotpo, Stamped, Shopify Reviews, Loox. You can also write the reviews manually or upload a CSV file.

The bad news is that live support, design customization, multi-language support, and other essential features are only available on a paid plan. - Shopify Review App top 10 list - Shopify Review App top 10 list

  1. Rivyo: make your customers loyal 

Rivyo is a popular Shopify app for importing reviews from AliExpress or Amazon.
It allows setting up review widgets, automating review request emails, and adding Q&A sections about products.
Moreover, you can increase customer loyalty by displaying the reviews as testimonials (and it’s pretty effective).

You can track the review request status as sent, delivered, opened, or clicked with the tool.

Several unexpected errors and substantial bug problems

  1. Opinew: amplify social proof in your Shopify store

Opinew automates the process of collecting reviews from customers.
With the app, you can gather photos and video reviews which can help you to build strong social proof and increase your conversion and sales at every step of the buyer's journey.

The app allows you to gather reviews via email, SMS, and in printed form with QR codes. You can gather reviews for both shops and products.

The review request emails are fully customizable. To increase the amount of reviews, you can offer your customers a coupon, which can motivate them to submit a review.

  1. Reputon: localize your reputation management

This particular review app has literally everything that you can possibly ask for - an outstanding interface, awesome email templates, and international support.
You can customize review requests based on customer location, ensuring that your Shopify store builds trust within specific regions. As a matter of fact, it’s available in different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian)

Moreover, you can: 1) collect feedback based on your product shipping time (automated email request) and 2) successfully track your follow-up emails efficiency and conversions.

One of its negative aspects is that this particular app doesn't have any specific instruction videos included.

Reputon - Shopify Review App top 10 list
Reputon - Shopify Review App top 10 list

Congrats, you’ve reached the end of the list!

Future Trends on Shopify Review Apps

There you have it – the top 10 Shopify review apps to elevate your e-commerce game.
Whether you're looking to showcase visual testimonials, aggregate reviews from various sources, or integrate seamlessly with your marketing strategy, these apps have got you covered.

Higher ratings equal higher sales” and this trend is not going to stop in the future. Small changes in star ratings can drive explosive sales growth for products,  anywhere from 30% to 200% depending on the category, according to McKinsey).

According to Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey by Pwc, most online consumers begin by scouring the internet to amass information about a particular product or service, compare prices, read reviews and consider retailers.
In particular, 32% of them consider product reviews as the main source of information.

Unsurprisingly, more than half of surveyed consumers answered that they almost always or frequently rely on mobile devices and apps for pre-purchase research (56%) and reviews (54%).

Now it’s your time.

Choose the one that aligns with your business goals, and watch as customer trust and sales soar to new heights.
Your Shopify success story begins with the right review app!

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