Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce: what brands cannot miss in 2024

Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce: what brands cannot miss in 2024

In this guide we will analyze some of the top apps that should be installed by Shopify brands in 2024, providing descriptions of their functions and key features for each.
Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce: what brands cannot miss in 2024
Pietro Di Chio | Full Stack Developer
Pietro Di Chio | Full Stack Developer
November 20, 2023

Shopify is currently one of the most widely used platforms globally for online commerce and through Shopify App its functionalities can be expanded and customized. In 2021 the total revenue surpassed $3 billion, marking an 86% increase compared to the preceding two years.

In 2021 Shopify had approximately 1.75 million customers and the platform facilitated transactions totaling around $79.5 billion. The success of the platform can be attributed to Shopify Apps, whose number is over 7,000 in total.

Our top seven Shopify Apps for 2024

Understanding the best Shopify Apps and how they can be utilized on your eCommerce site helps enhance customer experience and boost sales. In this guide we will analyze some of the top apps that should be installed on Shopify in 2024, providing descriptions of their functions and key features for each.

Bulk Discount Code Bot

Bulk Discount Code Bot is one of the applications that can be installed on Shopify to simplify the management of discount codes. Discounts are a fundamental tool for sales and are useful both for attracting new customers and for retaining those who have already made one or more purchases.

With this Shopify app, sellers can create a system of unique discount codes that customers can use only once. In this way advantages are offered to customers with a reduction in the total amount of their cart and the app prevents discount codes from being used improperly.

VF Image Optimizer

The Shopify App VF Image Optimizer is the right choice for optimizing images on your eCommerce. The application harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze product images and automatically perform key editing actions, such as resizing images, cropping photos and creating frames.

The VF Image Optimizer app can also be used for SEO optimization of images, for example by adding alt tags that contribute to the positioning of photos on search engines. Among the available features we can also find a specific function for adding watermarks.


Locksmith is an application specifically developed for Shopify and designed to optimize customer navigation on the eCommerce platform. Through the settings of this application, you can block product categories or specific pages, display special offers based on the geographical area of customers, protect certain pages with passwords for creating special sales campaigns, hide prices for some products and much more.

This app allows you to customize eCommerce navigation, taking into account customer characteristics, their geographical location, searches made and previous purchases. The purpose of this application is to optimize the conversion rate by leveraging user segmentation and customization.


TextYess is the Shopify application to install if you want to leverage conversational commerce and give customers the opportunity to make purchases via chat. This application provides an AI shopping assistant on WhatsApp, capable of instantly responding 24/7 to customer inquiries in different languages and guide them through the purchase with pictures and links.

Many companies experience high traffic volumes but struggle to achieve a satisfactory conversion rate. By providing customers with instant assistance via WhatsApp and using artificial intelligence to generate human-like and personalized responses, TextYess enables eCommerce businesses to increase sales with an average 20% in-chat conversion rate.

Another key aspect is personalization, you can customize your AI chatbot by tailoring its “character” with prompts and files to match your brand's unique identity and tone of voice. Customization plus seamless integration with your Shopify store, resulting in a consistent and cohesive customer experience. Setting up this AI chatbot for Shopify takes less than five minutes and doesn't require specific IT skills.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Product Reviews & Photos is the Shopify app created to enhance social proof through customer reviews. This application helps create personalized emails to ask customers who have made a purchase to write a review of their experience, attaching photos and videos of the products.

The multimedia content obtained in this way can be managed with Loox and displayed on the eCommerce site using Shopify widgets. The app also allows you to create discount codes for subsequent purchases to offer to customers who post reviews with photos and videos.

All uploaded reviews will be automatically synchronized with major services, including Google Shopping, Meta Shops, and Google Search. The goal is to optimize the social proof of the company and increase earnings through a higher number of online sales.

Globo Pre Order

Globo Pre Order is the application that allows you to add the option of pre-ordering items that are currently out of stock. Customers can place a pre-order, ensuring they will be among the first to receive the product as soon as it returns in stock. Sellers can choose to require full payment for the product to process the pre-order, or they can specify a partial payment.

For products currently unavailable in stock, shipping conditions can be adjusted to notify customers opting for pre-orders that the product will take more time to be delivered. The app also provides customers the option to join a waiting list to receive updates on one or more products. Sellers can send personalized emails or SMS to customers on the waiting list, informing them when the product is back in stock. stands as a genuine game-changer, streamlining the creation of impressive landing pages without the need for a development team. Featuring pre-built templates from major e-commerce brands, facilitates effortless "funnel hacking" of successful brands. Whether you're a beginner or lack a dedicated development team, has you covered. The speed of building custom pages is unmatched. With an intuitive UI and a supportive community of Replo experts, it emerges as an unbeatable tool. In terms of pricing, the starter program at $99/month offers all the essentials to fashion stunning pages, rivaling your competitors' in mere seconds. 

Say goodbye to coding nightmares and excessive fees – stands as your ultimate visual builder for creating striking landing pages.


These are just some of the available Shopify Apps that you should monitor in 2024. Our suggestion is to analyze the type of products or services you want to sell online, in order to understand the best strategy to implement and which Shopify extensions could be useful in achieving your goals.