How to Enable AI Chatbot for Shopify Stores in 3 Steps?

How to Enable AI Chatbot for Shopify Stores in 3 Steps?

Enable the free AI chatbot for your Shopify store with this easy 3-step guide. Increase your website conversion rate and let AI give your customer the best online shopping experience. It’s the future of e-commerce: conversational commerce, and it’s just 3 steps away from you.
How to Enable AI Chatbot for Shopify Stores in 3 Steps?
Riccardo Russo | CEO
Riccardo Russo | CEO
November 20, 2023

Shopify stands out as a top choice for businesses venturing into e-commerce, with a staggering 4.12 million global enterprises relying on its capabilities. In the highly competitive e-commerce arena, distinguishing your store is a formidable challenge. Beyond unique products, offerings, brand values, and visual identity, the true game-changer lies in customer experience. The question is: What's the secret to delivering an exceptional customer experience on your Shopify store?

An AI-powered Chatbot for Shopify Stores running 24/7 on your website, in any language.

This article reveals the main reasons why integrating a Shopify chatbot into your eccome store is an absolute must. It also provides a 3-step guide on how to enable the AI chatbot on your e-commerce, it takes 5 minutes! Let's start with why you should do a Shopify chatbot integration.

Why should you add a chatbot to your Shopify store?

Availability 24/7 

Do you know when most people shop online? Let me tell you: in the evenings and during the weekends. Exactly when they stop working, but customer care agents usually stop working at the same time. AI Chatbots are available 24/7/365 days, allowing customers to get instant assistance at any time, even outside regular business hours. This accommodates potential customers in different time zones and helps increase the conversion rate of your website. 

Multilingual capabilities 

Chatbots for e-commerce stores have multilingual capabilities, catering to international customers and enabling them to interact in their preferred language, thereby supporting e-commerce brands in selling internationally and overall improving the e-commerce customer journey. The first language by majority of traffic share is usually the language used to write the prompt - the instructions - to the AI, all the others will follow automatically. AI Multilingual capabilities position AI chatbots far ahead of “old school” chatbots and increase conversion rates since any customers that come in the chat will receive shopping assistance. 

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Chatbot for Shopify stores can significantly enhance your customer experience by suggesting not only complementary products that perfectly match their current purchase but also upselling relevant items based on their purchase history. Technically, it is fairly simple to educate the AI chatbot and suggest upselling and cross-selling strategies within the instructions. This personalized approach leads to increased average order values and a boost in overall sales, making it a powerful tool for driving revenue and customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value 

⅔ customers desire talking in real time with brands - shows a Salesforce and Casaleggio Associati research. Including an AI Chatbot in your Shopify store will have a positive impact on CLV because whenever a customer needs help they will find it immediately and mostly, they’ll return to that channel even for post-purchase questions and future product suggestions, increasing brand loyalty.

Reduced drop off rate 

Dividing the number of people who abandon their purchase or inquiry by the total number of people who initiated it you obtain the drop off rate. For example, if 2000 people visit your website but only 200 people make a purchase, the drop off rate would be 90%. In that case, you would be lucky! The average ecommerce website drop off rate is 98.5%. 

Chatbots can intervene when customers have doubts and are about to abandon the website, offering assistance or discounts/incentives to complete the purchase, thereby reducing drop off rate and contributing to conversion rate optimization

What to look for in a Shopify AI chatbot for Shopify Store?

Customization Options

Personalize your AI chatbot by tailoring its “character” with prompts and files to match your brand's unique identity and tone of voice. Customization ensures seamless integration with your Shopify store, resulting in a consistent and cohesive customer experience. By infusing your brand's identity into the chatbot, you establish a stronger connection with your customers, increasing engagement and loyalty. First and foremost, how would you name it? Would you use a real or an invented name?


A Shopify AI chatbot is like a ChatGPT for e-commerce which can answer any question related to your products, policies, materials exc… present in your Shopify store. It’s important that your AI chatbot automates repetitive and common questions like typical FAQs, freeing up AI and eventually human agents to focus on more complex and critical customer issues and suggestions. This streamlines the support process and greatly reduces response times. 

Quick and easy Setup

This is a key feature of any software you will consider adopting for your ecommerce brand. Save time on implementation by choosing an AI chatbot solution with a user-friendly setup process. Look for straightforward integration that gets your AI chatbot up and running in a few minutes. For instance, TextYesss Shopify App has a free and quick installation, check it out on Shopify Appstore


Incorporate a cutting-edge AI chatbot into your system, unlocking the ability to delve into performance metrics for in-depth tracking and analysis. This feature-rich chatbot not only provides valuable insights into its effectiveness but also enhances customer interactions, ultimately elevating overall satisfaction. For instance, you should be able to quickly know how many orders were generated out of all the conversations the AI chatbot had with customers in a specific amount of time? And these orders has an AOV higher or lower than the brand average?

By thoughtfully considering these factors, you can seamlessly incorporate a Shopify AI chatbot into your ecommerce website, thereby contributing to the growth and success of your brand.

How to enable AI chatbot for Shopify store in 3 steps?

Step 1: Install Shopify AI Chatbot from Shopify Store

Enter your Shopify account and navigate to the Shopify app store. Search for an AI Chatbot app or an AI Shopping Assistant like TextYess AI Chatbot, and quickly install it by clicking on the install button. 

Step 2: Customize your Chatbot and test it 

Customize the chatbot's character from the “instructions” to align it with your brand identity and tone of voice. Choose a suitable name that you like, and a line of character from the list available in the tool. The prompt allows you to further customize the chatbot with upselling and cross-selling techniques. 

Additionally, the AI chatbot will automatically learn all the information present on Shopify regarding your products and policies to offer the most precise experience to your customers. It only takes a few minutes - what a memory! 

Last but not least, you have to test it out before publishing it on the Shopify store. Inside TextYess you have a testing interface where you can ask any question to your customized AI chatbot and test if the answers follow your guidelines. Afterwards, you are ready to publish your chatbot!

Step 3: Choose your CTAs and Publish it on your Website

Now that you have tested the bot on your own to ensure that it functions as desired, you can choose which Call to actions to embed on your website: chat bubble, product detail pages, both? Once you are done, publish the chatbot by embedding the app on your Shopify store theme (don’t worry, it’s easy and you’ll receive all the information you need). 

It's to activate the AI Chatbot on your Shopify store

With a Shopify AI chatbot, you can elevate your e-commerce store, providing top-notch assistance to customers at every stage of their purchasing journey, in 10 seconds and in any language. Let AI give your customer the best online shopping experience by automating tasks like customer support, sales, and marketing.

Having a Shopify AI chatbot built for Shopify stores it’s paramount to increase your website conversion rate and stay ahead of the trends: conversational commerce is real, don’t be late.