The best AI Marketing Tools eCommerce brands should use in 2023

The best AI Marketing Tools eCommerce brands should use in 2023

The best AI marketing tools to facilitate content creation, optimize customer support, and increase sales.
The best AI Marketing Tools eCommerce brands should use in 2023
Ilaria Carofiglio | Head of Growth
Ilaria Carofiglio | Head of Growth
November 20, 2023

In this guide we are going to discover the potential of artificial intelligence and its applications in marketing and to explore the best AI marketing tools. These tools are revolutionizing the world of marketing: companies and freelancers should familiarize themselves with them and learn how to use these tools to remain competitive.

What are AI marketing tools?

To make the most of these innovative tools, it is essential to first understand what AI marketing tools are. These are platforms or softwares capable of analyzing a large volume of information from various sources and solving queries using this data.

Data is fundamental for marketing: companies and freelancers that aspire to excel must know how to use these resources. Artificial intelligence aids in analyzing information, allowing for example the study of buyers’ behavior and predicting their future choices.

AI marketing tools can be employed to perform various tasks. Among the key functions, we highlight:

  • Content creation for text, images, and videos;
  • Optimization of content for search engines;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Customer segmentation;
  • Real-time shopping assistance for purchases;
  • Real-time customer support.

AI marketing tool: main features

There are numerous AI marketing tools that freelancers and firms can choose. To ensure you identify the best solution for your specific needs, it's useful to have an overview of the key features to consider.

Intuitive user experience

An intuitive user experience is a fundamental element when choosing an AI marketing tool. Complex interfaces can make it difficult to fully utilize the tool's capabilities, especially for those without prior experience with such tools.

Integration capabilities

Marketing campaigns and customer communication often require the use of multiple tools. Choosing an AI marketing tool that integrates with other applications simplifies the work for the marketing team.

Ease of automation

Artificial intelligence should reduce the workload. Therefore, features that enable simple automation of repetitive tasks should be considered when comparing AI marketing tools and before choosing one of them.


Although not a technical feature, the cost to use the AI tool is another important element to evaluate. There are affordable tools available today that deliver high performance.

Which are the best AI marketing tools?

Within the vast landscape of artificial intelligence tools for marketing, some solutions have stood out. The following proposals are currently among the best solutions for optimizing marketing campaigns and enhancing reaching new customers and corporate communication.


Descript is the all-in-one tool that allows video editing, clip creation, screen recording management, audio track editing for podcasts and translation management. This AI marketing tool also aids in optimizing the publication of created contents.

Among the available AI effects, notable ones include: Eye Contact, Studio Sound, Green Screen, and Remove Filler Words. Descript can also be used to add subtitles to video footage and create customized voice models based on one's own voice.


TextYess uses chatbot technology to assist eCommerce businesses in enhancing shopping experience via WhatsApp. TextYess technology is trained to act as a sales person would do, helping customers to quickly choose the right product and complete the purchase in chat in very few steps. By utilizing the features provided by this AI marketing tool, it's possible to optimize the customer experience and increase sales through effective WhatsApp conversations that turn website visitors into buyers.

Currently, TextYess stands as the AI Shopping Assistants on WhatsApp for eCommerce brands on Shopify. Businesses that have utilized it have managed to boost sales and simplify the purchasing journey, the first results are stunning: 25% in chat conversion rate. With this shopping assistant, you have the opportunity to make the most of website traffic, aiming to convert visitors into customers.


SpeedyBrand is a marketing tool that uses the potential of artificial intelligence to create SEO-optimized content. This tool helps in realizing a SEO strategy to establish an online presence and reach a larger audience by considering Google search trends and analyzing competitors' strategies.

Using a personalized ChatGPT model, SpeedyBrand assists the marketing team in creating tailored and SEO-optimized content. It enables the creation of specific content for blogs, landing pages, and social media posts. Additionally, SpeedyBrand can aid in content management and publication. defines itself as the simplest and fastest tool for creating content that ranks on Google. With the Seo Research tool, it can perform an analysis of competitors and a study of content to understand which optimization strategy to pursue.

On the other hand, the AI Writer tool is responsible for writing content using artificial intelligence. The content will be written taking into account the information found in search results and will be SEO optimized.

Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to engage in natural conversations with customers. By investing in advanced AI models, this tool can interact with customers replicating human communication styles.

This AI marketing tool was developed with the understanding that each customer is unique: Sidekick AI can handle personalized conversations and identify the needs of each customer. By delegating customer support to this chatbot, businesses can save money and enhance the user experience.

How to use AI for marketing

The AI marketing tools presented in this guide have the potential to radically transform the marketing team's operations, opening doors to the realm of artificial intelligence. These tools can prove valuable for various tasks, aiding in reducing execution times and introducing services that would be challenging to manage through traditional manual methods.

However, it's important to view artificial intelligence tools not as replacements for human experts but rather as instruments to optimize performance, reduce workload, and streamline work activities.

With TextYess, our aim is to make conversational commerce easily accessible to all businesses and professionals, helping them boost sales with an AI shopping assistant. This goal can be achieved through in-depth data analysis and the use of the most innovative artificial intelligence models.